Consumer Protection
(Auction Sales Company, Cemeteries, Charitable Fund Raising Business, Collection Agent, Credit Reporting Agency, Direct Seller Vendor, Film/Video Sellers and Exhibitors, Vehicle Dealer)




 How to Search

 Enter at least one search term, then press “Search”.

  • Choosing search terms.  If you want to find out if a specific business is licensed, use the least common words. E.g., if you’re searching “31 Plains Auto Dealer Ltd.,” try searching for “Plains.”
  • Be precise. Make sure you’ve spelled the business name correctly – including any punctuation. E.g., A.B.C. Collection Agency.  Not sure if there is punctuation? Use a “%” as a wildcard.  E.g., A%B%C% Collection Agency.
  • Choose a licence type with a business name to narrow down your resultsIf you want to find all the businesses under a licence type – select the licence type and leave the business name blank.