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Thursday, December 05, 2019
Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority

Pursuant to The Pension Benefits Act, 1992 (the Act), a pension plan administrator (Administrator) of a pension plan (plan) registered under the Act must file amendments made to the plan and plan documents (the Submission) with the Superintendent of Pensions (Superintendent), no later than 60 days after the decision to amend was made.  Required documents must accompany the Submission.

If an amendment affects the cost of benefits provided by the plan, creates an unfunded liability or otherwise affects the solvency or funding of the plan, revisions must be made to the most recent actuarial valuation and cost certificate, or a new actuarial valuation and cost certificate must be prepared and filed. The new or revised actuarial valuation and cost certificate must be filed (also via RLS) within 120 days after the amendment is made.

The Submission must be filed electronically via FCAA’s Registration and Licensing System (RLS). On the RLS webpage (link below) - you will find instruction guides to assist you in filing amendments via RLS. 

Remember:  Within 90 days of the amendment being registered, the plan administrator must provide each plan member with an explanation or summary of any amendment to a plan that relates to the member's entitlements and obligations.

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