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Thursday, December 05, 2019
Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority

Pursuant to The Pension Benefits Act, 1992 (the Act), a pension plan administrator (Administrator) of a pension plan (plan) registered under the Act must file an Annual Information Return (AIR) with the Superintendent of Pensions (Superintendent).  There is no need to also send the AIR to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA); FCAA sends the required information to CRA on behalf of the Administrator.

The AIR must be completed and filed with the Superintendent within 180 days of the end of each fiscal year of the plan, or within 60 days of the termination of a plan.  If the AIR is filed late, filed incorrectly, or if it is not filed at all, the CRA can impose financial penalties under the Income Tax Act (Canada) and may give notice of intent to revoke the registration of the plan.

The AIR is required to be filed electronically via FCAA's Registration and Licensing System (RLS).  On the RLS webpage (link below) - you will find instructions guides to assist you in filing the AIR via RLS and a data list which provides you with a list of information that you will need in order to file the AIR. 

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