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Saturday, January 25, 2020
Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority

Provides information on: consumer rights and responsibilities, gift card legislation, how to be alert consumers in the marketplace, how to make wise buying decisions, how to seek resolution to a marketplace dispute, and how to make a complaint.

This page has information on complaint processes, and other how-to's on resolving marketplace disputes.

Provides the consumer with information on how to make wise buying decisions when purchasing specific goods and services, making donations, dealing with credit or debt issues or buying a vehicle.

Information on how to protect yourself, your personal information, financial investments, online purchases and auctions, travel and work at home schemes.

All gift cards, bought or sold in Saskatchewan no longer have an expiry date. As an exception, expiry dates will be allowed for gift cards and gift certificates that have been donated for charitable purposes or given out for free as a promotion and the consumer or recipient has provided nothing of value in exchange for the card.

The Ticket Sales Act protects Saskatchewan consumers by regulating ticket sales to entertainment and sporting events so that ticket resellers cannot acquire tickets to these events before they go on sale to the public, and so that"local" residents have the first chance to buy the tickets.

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