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Saturday, January 25, 2020
Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority

The Auctioneers Act regulates the sale of property by auction and requires that auction sales be conducted by licensed auctioneers and auction companies.

The process of disposal, burials or cremations is regulated primarily by The Cemeteries Act, 1999 and The Funeral and Cremation Services Act. The Cemeteries Act, 1999 requires any new cemeteries or those being enlarged or relocated to be authorized. Cemeteries include land used for columbariums and mausoleums. Owners of cemeteries are required to maintain cemetery to an acceptable community standard. There are offences and penalties for violations of the legislation. The Funeral and Cremation Services Act incorporates provisions which were previously in The Saskatchewan Embalmers Act and The Prepaid Funeral Services Act and adds provisions governing funeral homes and crematoria.

These pages focus on The Cemeteries Act, 1999; thus unless otherwise identified, citations in (brackets) refer to The Cemeteries Act, 1999 and The Cemeteries Regulations.

The Charitable Fund-raising Businesses Act regulates for-profit, fund-raising businesses that raise funds on behalf of charitable organizations.

The Consumer Protection and Business Practices Act is designed to protect consumers from fraud or unfair practices and covers a variety of marketplace activities including contracts, gift cards, warranties for consumer products, and more.

The Collection Agents Act controls the practices of collection agents and collectors and requires them to be licensed and bonded. An agency that practices prohibited methods of debt collection can have its license suspended or cancelled, and may have its bond forfeited to pay persons who suffered a financial loss.

The Direct Sellers Act imposes requirements on most companies and salespeople who contact consumers at their home for purposes of selling a good or a product or a service. This bulletin summarizes the key aspects of the legislation, provides information for suppliers and consumers, and suggests links that may provide additional information on the topic.

The Consumer Protection and Business Practices Act and The Vehicle Dealer Regulations regulate the sale, lease, and consignment of all new or used motor vehicles, motorcycles and snowmobiles in Saskatchewan. Dealers are required to be licensed and bonded.

The primary objective of The Ticket Sales Act is to prevent ticket resellers from acquiring tickets to major sporting and entertainment events before they go on sale to the general public, and to permit "local" residents to have the first opportunity to purchase event tickets.

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