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Search for newly released movies as well as others to get the classification of the movie.  If the film that you are searching for is not found, please contact the Saskatchewan Film Classification Board.

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To viewers, distributors or retailers - There are many internet sites that provide film summaries.  These may be informative but the positions or ratings of those agencies do not necessarily conform to the views, positions or ratings of the Saskatchewan Film Classification Board.  Accordingly, the ratings from such sites should not be relied on for exhibition, distribution or classification purposes.  In that context, the following links are provided for reference only:

Should other movie information site administrators wish to be included in the list above please contact our office.   Listing is subject to approval of the Film Classification office. 

Click here for more information on the following:

  • Classification Categories and Advisories
  • Classification Symbols
  • US Film Classification Ratings Comparison
  • Useful Film Classification Definitions
  • Getting A Film Classified
  • Film Screenings at Festivals or Community Events
  • Simultaneous (or "live" events) Film Exhibitions
  • Prohibited Scenes

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  • Registration Requirements
  • Registration Kit
  • Advertising
  • Adult Film and Videos-including Retail Premise Requirements

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  • Enforcement
  • Appealing a Decision of the Film Classification Board
  • Decisions of the Appeal Committee
  • Notices
  • Complaints
  • Contact Information
  • Links
  • Legislation

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