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Thursday, December 05, 2019
Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority

The Mortgage Brokerages and Mortgage Administrators Act describes the responsibilities, obligations and powers of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions. One of the responsibilities of the Superintendent is to investigate consumer complaints against brokers, associates, mortgage brokerages and mortgage administrators.

To register a complaint against a broker, associate, mortgage brokerage, or mortgage administrator, please complete the Complaint Form and return it to the address provided on the form.

Please note that the licensing provisions of the Act do not apply to banks, credit unions, certain insurance companies, certain trust and loan corporations, provincial or federal Crown corporations, and members of the Law Society of Saskatchewan in the course of practicing as barristers or solicitors.

For more information, please contact:

  • Superintendent of Financial Institutions
    Consumer Credit Division
    Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority
    Suite 601, 1919 Saskatchewan Drive
    Regina, Saskatchewan  S4P 4H2
    Phone: (306) 787-6700
    Fax: (306) 787-9006

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