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Thursday, December 05, 2019
Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority

Welcome to the “Registration and Licensing System” (“RLS”), a secure electronic environment to make filings and submissions to the Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority (“FCAA”) of Saskatchewan.

The primary contact for all pension plans registered under The Pension Benefits Act, 1992 (“the Act”) is the pension plan administrator (“Administrator”).  FCAA has developed instruction guides to assist Administrators, and their service providers, in navigating and using RLS. 

Pension Plan Administrators must use RLS for the following submissions to FCAA:

  • Application for the registration of a pension plan
  • Annual information return (AIR)
  • Actuarial information summary and actuarial valuation reports and/or cost certificates (collectively, referred to as an “AIS” throughout RLS)
  • Amendments, including asset transfer amendments, partial plan merger in or out amendments, and full plan merger in amendments
  • Partial plan terminations
  • Full plan terminations, including full plan merger out amendments

Please review the instruction guides and data list found below. 

If you have any questions about or need some help learning RLS, please contact us at 306-787-7650 or email


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