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Saturday, January 25, 2020
Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority

The Consumer Protection Division issues, approves and administers licenses in specific sectors, investigates consumer complaints, answers consumer inquiries, provides advice and direction to the public on how to resolve their complaint, educates consumers and businesses on their rights and responsibilities, and conducts compliance audits of licensees.

Provides information for both business and consumers on the different Acts governing marketplace transactions. These Acts are administered by the Consumer Protection Division.

Directed primarily towards consumers, provides information on: consumer rights and responsibilities, gift card legislation, how to be alert consumers in the marketplace, how to make wise buying decisions, how to seek resolution to a marketplace dispute, and how to make a complaint.

Provides provincial licensing information and operating requirements for individuals or corporations who do business as, or operate as, auctioneers, charitable fundraising businesses, collection agents, commercial cemeteries, credit reporting agencies, direct sellers, film and video distributors, retailers, and exhibitors, and motor dealers.

Businesses in these sectors are governed by specific legislation and must be licensed or registered through the Consumer Protection Division in order to operate.

The Saskatchewan Film Classification Board is responsible for ensuring that Saskatchewan films are appropriately rated or classified. The primary objective of film classification is to assist viewers in making informed choices. Equipped with this information, parents, guardians, and film patrons can knowledgably exercise individual responsibility and discretion in the selection of movie entertainment for themselves and their children.

As a general statement, all films and videos distributed, rented, sold or publicly exhibited in Saskatchewan, must be rated, and the distributors and exhibitors of such film must be registered, with the Film Classification Board. Any exemptions from this general statement are pursuant to The Film and Video Classification Act and Regulations.

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