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Thursday, December 05, 2019
Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority

Find out if the business you are dealing with is licensed or registered by FCAA to operate in Saskatchewan. Checking for a licence or registration is an important part of keeping yourself, your money, and your identity safe


Consumer Protection
(Auction Sales Company, Cemeteries, Charitable Fund Raising Business, Collection Agent, Credit Reporting Agency, Direct Seller Vendor, Film/Video Sellers and Exhibitors, Vehicle Dealer)




 How to Search

 Enter at least one search term, then press “Search”.

  • Choosing search terms.  If you want to find out if a specific business is licensed, use the least common words. E.g., if you’re searching “31 Plains Auto Dealer Ltd.,” try searching for “Plains.”
  • Be precise. Make sure you’ve spelled the business name correctly – including any punctuation. E.g., A.B.C. Collection Agency.  Not sure if there is punctuation? Use a “%” as a wildcard.  E.g., A%B%C% Collection Agency.
  • Choose a licence type with a business name to narrow down your resultsIf you want to find all the businesses under a licence type – select the licence type and leave the business name blank.


Consumer Credit
Licensed Mortgage Brokerages, Administrators, Brokers and Associates
Licensed Trust, Loan and Financing Corporations
Registered Loan Brokers
Licensed Payday Lenders

Insurance and Real Estate
Licensed Insurers
Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan:
Insurance Agent Licencees
Insurance Broker Licencees

Registered Pension Plans

Registered Firms and Individuals

Legal Disclaimer
Although a person or entity may be licensed or registered with FCAA, the licence or registration is not an endorsement of the person or entity, nor does the licence or registration guarantee the quality of goods or services offered by that person or entity.

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