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Thursday, December 05, 2019
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Hired a Real Estate Agent?

When working with a real estate agent to buy or sell property, here are some points to consider:

All agents must be registered with the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission.

  • All agents are to have an adequate knowledge of all laws regulating the real estate industry in Saskatchewan.
  • An agent representing you has an obligation to promote your interests and must deal fairly with all parties.
  • Agents are required to ensure that all required documents they prepare give people true material facts up front, and do not fail to disclose any material facts.
  • Agents with appropriate experience can provide an opinion on the value of a property but require specific training to provide an appraisal.
  • Agents are not to publically discredit a competitor, and are to provide their opinions relating to specific transactions with strict professional integrity and courtesy.
  • Agents are to promptly present all written offers in an objective and unbiased manner.
  • Part-time agents must disclose their part-time status to clients.
  • Prior to obtaining an offer to purchase, agents must take reasonable steps to discover facts pertaining to the property to avoid error, misrepresentation, or concealment of pertinent facts.
  • Agents must use mandatory transaction forms.
  • Agents shall not accept compensation from more than one party to a trade without first making full disclosure to all parties involved in the trade.

Check agent’s registration with the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission

Make sure to check our agent’s license and photo and find out what type of property they are qualified to sell.

Check Cease and Desist Orders

Be aware of any restrictions or orders that your agent may be subject to. Hearing Decisions and Cease and Desist Orders are published on the SREC website and can also be found on CanLII, (, or can be requested from the Commission.  


If you have a problem with your agent, first contact their broker. If that does not resolve the issue, contact the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission. Please refer to the Complaints & Investigations page in order to file a complaint.

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